Hmmm… Dirty Dishes Tell a Story

Be thankful for dirty dishes, they have a story to tell. ~ a message on a marquee

My least favorite household chore is washing dishes. As a child, it always was and remains so today. Why, you ask. I cannot tell you. The reason escapes me. To this day, I would rather clean the bathroom than wash dirty dishes.

At each holiday dinner, the most important question to my mother (at least in my mind) is, are we using the dishwasher today? However, after reading that message, dirty dishes and their need for washing are beginning to change my perspective. Their stories of well-fed bellies instead of hunger give reminders this basic need met is what some take for granted while others crave.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today, may we be thankful for the dirty dishes and all the blessings God sees fit to give us every day! (Philippians 4:19, Luke 12:22-32, Psalm 107:1)

Hmmm… Key Fobs & Panic Buttons

Why did everyone decide to go shopping on the same day at the same time? Were they influenced by the chill of the overcast autumn day?

Feeling frustrated by the oppressive obstacle of humanity, the weary shopper zigzagged her way through the aisles to the shortest checkout line. With her transaction complete and making her last skillful maneuver toward the exit doors, she anticipates the feeling of relief the drive home will give. However, to her disappointment she must move around one last stumbling block.

“Ma’am, would you like to buy some popcorn, “asked the four foot Boy Scout with arms outstretched and a smile of exuberance that could brighten the dreariest of days. Without missing a step, the shopper politely declined but didn’t proceed too far when she thought, you may not want or need popcorn but that boy needs more than a “no thank you” for his effort . With a swift about face that left her bags swinging, the shopper digs into her wallet, taps the young scout on his shoulder, and hands him a sizeable bill saying, “Thank you for your effort in helping your organization. Never give up. Even when it looks like you are failing, always keep trying.”

Who received the better of the gift, the shopper or the scout and his organization? I think the shopper. Feeling buoyantly happy and energetic, she forgot where she parked her car bringing to mind the biblical truth, you are far happier when giving than receiving. (Acts 20:35)

Thank God for key fobs and panic buttons!

Hmmm… Growth without Disruptive Moments?

I heard it said, the times when plants grow the most is not necessarily during the warm gentle rains or beautiful summer days; in fact, when the fierce winds blow and the raging storms come is when plants grow the most. While pondering this statement, the patch of Black-eyed Susans in my front yard catches my eye. Just a few weeks ago, these perennial beauties of the Rudbeckia family suffered a deluge of six inches in two hours. Yet, they stand tall with their vibrant sunny faces and leafy green arms raised to the sky displaying their strength and perseverance. Hmmm… can we have growth in our lives without the disruptive moments? (Hebrews 12:10-13)

Hmmm… Gratitude – Not Just a Challenge but an Attitude Day 5

Gratitude as defined by Merriam-Webster: the state of being grateful; thankfulness

Is it day 5 already? That was not a chore at all, this challenge to focus on what we are thankful for in our lives.  However, the decision to keep the positives the focal point is a daily choice in attitude, that is where the difficulty lies.

I’m curious to know how many continued in this mind set after the five days.

Hmmm… Gratitude – Not Just a Challenge but an Attitude Day 4

Gratitude as defined by Merriam-Webster: the state of being grateful; thankfulness

  1. Friend is a word with a different meaning since the introduction of social media. The number of friends one has is not important but the quality of the relationship. If someone knows and tells you the truth about yourself yet remains supportive by loving you, that is a friend. Thank you my friends (you know who you are) for being truly a friend.
  2. I do not know how people manage in this life without the support and love of family. I cannot fathom my life without mine.
  3. Do we fully take advantage of one of our greatest resources, our elderly, who possess much wise advice? We can gain much knowledge from these mature sages if we take the time to ask and listen. I am thankful my parents continue to be a source I can tap into.

Hmmm… Gratitude – Not Just a Challenge but an Attitude Day 3

Gratitude as defined by Merriam-Webster: the state of being grateful; thankfulness

  1. I may not have “everything” I want but do have all I need. Living with excess has a tendency to pull our focus from what is truly important.
  2. The contented purring of feline companions is a reminder that simplicity in life can be priceless.
  3. I thought the warm splash of color in the flowerbed was washed away by the sudden deluge a few weeks ago. Yet, there they are standing tall, Black-eyed Susans with their faces raised to the sky.

Hmmm… Gratitude – Not Just a Challenge but an Attitude Day 2

Gratitude as defined by Merriam-Webster: the state of being grateful; thankfulness

  1. My little patch of a veggie garden continues to produce despite being waterlogged a couple of weeks ago from flash flooding. The cucumbers finished their cycle but the yellow and zucchini squash still bear fruit and there are plenty of roma tomatoes for making homemade sauce. Yum!
  2. Not sure why but thinking a lot about my brothers today who taught me “ladies don’t play poker” and the importance of developing a thick skin, but not too thick that you become insensitive.
  3. How did I become the mother of two terrific kids and the loves of their lives who shower me with such love, support and encouragement?