100% Mine or Not… Hmmm

Do you remember taking part in trust exercises during school? One application involves standing with your back turned toward another person, while leaning backward believing the other will catch you before you hit the floor. The purpose is to trust each other with unwavering conviction. Long ago, one man thought he possessed the greatest level of faith a man could hold in another. Sitting in a boat in the middle of a stormy sea, Peter thought his confidence in his best friend, Jesus, was unshakable causing him to climb boldly over the side of the boat to meet his friend by walking on the violent waters. When he begins to focus on the fierce waves and wind about him, Peter finds himself sinking below the depths of the tempest. With frantic movement of arms and legs, and the sound of panic in his voice, he cries out to Jesus for help who lovingly and compassionately grabs Peter, pulls him to safety, and says, “Oh, Peter. I’m sorry your mother’s faith in me wasn’t strong enough to help you.” What? Did Jesus really say that? No, He did not lament anyone’s lack of faith but Peter’s, saying, “What got into you, Peter? Where is the courageous belief that brought you out of the boat? Don’t you believe in me?”  (Matthew 14:23-33) As with Peter, we must decide if our faith, knowing what or who we believe in and why, is exactly that… ours (personally owned) or borrowed from influential people in our lives. Living on borrowed faith will never give our convictions a firm foundation. Instead, our footing will be unsure as the waves of life toss us back and forth.


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