A Birthday Thank You

thank you note for every language

Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

When it comes to birthdays, most people think of being the recipient of flowers, parties, cake, cards, and presents, not the giver of them. Several years ago, the son of an elderly female client arrived at the health care facility carrying 50 yellow roses. When asked if it was his mother’s birthday, he responded, “No, it is mine. Every year on my birthday I give my mother her favorite flower, yellow roses, one for each year of my age, to say Thank you for being my Mom.” Hmmm… do you think Jesus thanked Mary and Joseph for being His earthly parents? Did He throw them a party instead of the other way around?  Even though the Bible does not answer these questions, I think He did. Therefore, I must be off to prepare a thank you for my parents because today is my birthday.


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