Hmmm… Keeping Promises

I am soooo disappointed to have missed Jeff and Ann Urich who are back in the east to update their supporters about their missionary work in Alaska. Having to work every other weekend often causes me to miss many exciting things at church, however that comes with the territory of working in healthcare. In an email Pastor Hurley said, “As before, everyone was quite taken by them (Jeff and Ann)…rightfully so.” Quite taken with them, describes my reaction to the Urichs visit a few years ago when I kept hearing that small voice saying, “Karin, I want you to help Jeff and Ann.”  He even told me how much money to commit to each month. “But God, how can I afford supporting them and the other missionary family you keep bugging me about?”  Typical response, yes? We argue with God, giving many excuses why we cannot do what He is asking (Exodus 4:8-10) because our foresight is nothing compared to His perfect vision. (Psalm 147:4-5, Isaiah 55:8, Jeremiah 29:11) At the time, I had been putting a lot of money into car repairs and was praying for a new car, even making a list of what I needed and wanted in that vehicle. I am ashamed to say this conversation with God went on for a few weeks until I remembered if a thought keeps repeating itself, I had better act upon it. So, with uncertainty and fear, I gave in a little by asking, “Where will the money come from? It does not pop out of the ground overnight like dandelions, you  know.”  Like a parent scolding a child, He answers, “Do not be sarcastic with me. You do as I ask and I will show you the car I have for you and will give you enough money to cover it and the people I want you to help.” Hmmm… that sounds familiar. Many times in God’s Word we read, “If you…I will.” (Deuteronomy 7:12) He was right, as always. After making the commitment to support the Urichs and the Davoll Family, God did exactly as He promised. He gave me the car I needed, and is giving me the money to cover all the expenses. God is good, All the time. All the time, God is good, and He keeps His promises.


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