An Odd Duck

Adium icon, also known as the Evil Menu Duck (EMD)
Image via Wikipedia

Another blogger’s post about writing prompts the reposting of this entry I made on another platform.

How would you finish this statement, “You are an odd duck if…?”

When a couple of family members and a very dear friend first suggested a writers conference this blogger thought, “What? I am not a writer but a nurse who happens to blog about things that make her say hmmm.” Then this member of the blogosphere attended the seminar where one class instructor said, “Writers are odd ducks.” Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like this online journal keeper at all. They “love to spend time alone” musing about the next chapter, article or paragraph. In addition, they “love to watch people”, deciding how to describe them to others. Ouch! Was that a wet wing, or a webbed foot, that slapped this girl across the face? Yep, the muck is clearing. Love to spend time musing? Yes, always have and do not bother this girl while doing it because it is serious business. Love to watch people? Again, yes. You can learn much about a person’s character and behavior by observing. Well then, I am a writer. No, this decision to be a communicator of words is not sudden. This odd duck is one of the Almighty’s peculiar creations with a gift that has always been a part her life. She just needed to realize she possessed it and it is time to nourish it. Everything has a time and place…God’s time. So, what is your area of odd-duckness? Is now the time to begin nourishing it? (Psalm 139, Ecclesiastes 3)


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