Hmmm… A Secret Door

A hundred-year-old closet.
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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a novel for children by C. S. Lewis, the beloved author of fantasy literature. Published in 1950, it is the first-published book of The Chronicles of Narnia and is the best-known book of the series. The fairy-tale begins in 1940 during World War II, when the four Pevensie siblings are evacuated from London to escape the Blitz. They are sent to live with Professor Digory Kirke, who lives in a country house in the English countryside. While the four children are exploring the house, Lucy, the youngest member of the Pevensie Family, looks into a wardrobe and discovers a portal to a magical world named Narnia. Like the sons and daughters of Eve, I make frequent journeys through a secret door, a threshold between the worlds Normal and Surreal. Normal is all that is familiar, home, family, neighbors, pets romping through the house, household chores to attend to, church activities, and a landscape minimally altered by Hurricane Lee’s destructive visit.  Just a few miles away lies Surreal, a world that is recognizable but abnormal and forever changed.  A place where several communities remain in states of emergency as residents and businesses (including my place of employment) attempt to wade through debris, hoping to find what was once part of Normal. Each time I pass through the divide, the questions how, and why arise. How can a ravaging storm wreak havoc on one area and leave another nearby all but untouched? Why were some people spared the devastating ruin, yet others lost everything but the clothes on their backs? Could it be some were kept out of danger for the purpose of investing their lives in others by giving of themselves and all they have, to help carry the burdens of those around them? (Matthew 5:42, Matthew 22:34-39, Luke 10:25-37)


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