Hmmm… Choose to Muse

TV, movie theaters, amusement parks, multiplayer online games, CD’s, DVD/Blueray, Netflix, the internet, Xbox, and the list goes on. What do these things have in common? With electronic, high decibel sound effects and flashy visual displays, they break the silence of our day by keeping us amused. They are pleasurable diversions occupying our attention, keeping us distracted from what and Who is important. We no longer muse because we choose to be amused. We are victims of our own choosing, robbing ourselves of the opportunity to wait quietly before God. What does that mean? It means minimizing distractions, actively listening as we pray for God to calm our spirits, and taking the time to ponder on and listen for His still, small voice as we read His Word. (Psalm 46:10, Psalm 62:21)


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