Hmmm… Oh, to be Rid of Congestion

Oh, the pain and pressure, the stuffy nose and nagging cough, all make it difficult to breathe. At some earlier time, you came in to contact with an organism that has taken root causing these respiratory symptoms. As they persist, you find it is not easy to go about your daily activities. You need relief, now!  That is when you remember the commercial for a certain over-the-counter remedy showing a customer in front of a display while flashbacks of previous bouts with congestion and cough flicker across her memory banks. The narrator shares the product’s promise to loosen the congestion making it easy for you to get rid of it. Hmmm… there is another type of congestion we need to be rid of, spiritual congestion, caused by painfully intense vivid memories that flit across our conscience, usually brought on by guilt, and return repeatedly making it difficult to be who we are meant to be and do the things God asks us to do. While there is no over-the-counter pill to swallow or nasal spray to inhale, we can take a spiritual decongestant, confession. (1 John 1:9)


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