Hmmm… Let’s Chat About It

The question, “Do you believe in life after death” was posed to me this past week. After answering with “Yes” based on my belief in an eternal life in heaven or hell, the inquirer began to relate her experience of what she believes is a visit from her recently deceased father.  While listening to her detailed account of the ghostly event, I could not help but remember the times I thought I saw my brother-in-law during the weeks following his death. Oh, how I love that big teddy bear of a man whose growl was bigger than his bite, who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, and the only man in my life I remember calling me sweetheart. Do I believe in ghosts?  No! We have one life and one death. However, I do believe God used my overactive imagination to tell me Terry is with Him. Now that brings a smile to my face… knowing I will see him again in Heaven. These thoughts then led to questioning the popularity of TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, and psychic mediums. Is their popularity related to a person’s perception of eternity? Why do people easily accept the so-called paranormal yet cannot accept the reality of Jesus?

Let’s chat about it…Have you wondered about these same questions? What Hmmm do you come up with?


6 thoughts on “Hmmm… Let’s Chat About It

  1. Why would one be so afraid of loved ones passed being amoung us?
    This isn’t crazy or evil. It is comforting.
    I have passed messages from loved ones and the person who is receiving the message will sit in awe. How would I have any way of knowing that he called you “baby-kins?”
    Is it my overactive imagination that caused me to guess that? Is it the devil speaking through my mouth?
    Why would Aunt Jane noticing that you are wearing her favorite pin be a tool of evil?
    Would it be easier to accept if Uncle Frank whispered words on a digital recorder during a ghost hunt? Apparently so.
    I hope that ghost hunting leads to a true connection and belief in spirit.

    What I don’t like about ghost hunting is that they seem to prey upon tortured, unknowing, and trapped spirits. It can be cruel.


    • “Why would one be so afraid of loved ones passed being amoung us?” Wouldn’t this be the point of the of the masquerade, so we wouldn’t experience fear?


  2. Good point – “the ease with which we’ll believe the unknowable, yet deny the urgent and proclaimed message of the gospel.” I think at the root of the issue is the desire to suppress the truth of the God who holds men accountable for their lives (Rom. 1). Television portrays death as how many would like for it to be. The old ‘good deeds’ outweighs the ‘bad deeds’ philosophy. But the Bible depicts salvation as being through no other way than Jesus. His sacrifice as an atonement for our sins.

    Still, while we’re discussing the unknowable…

    Did Saul actually see the ghost (spirit) of Samuel? Or was it demonic activity?

    Hmmmm… <— hey! I kind of like that. God bless.


    • Hmmm! Well, we know evil does not and cannot come from God… and Satan is the master of deceit and manipulation… So, could Satan and his wildly wicked crew masquerade as harmless even inviting beings?


  3. We definitely live in a huge spiritual world! It’s whether we recognize it or not. Or how we interpret it. It’s best to stay focused on Jesus and learn how to fight spiritually and let the rest fall on the wayside.
    God Bless You.


    • Absolutely! If our focus on God is lost, if we do not know what His Word says, we can easily be deceived. 1 Timothy 4:1 tells us the deceptive demonic spirits will cause people to turn from the truth, while 1 John 4:1 demands we carefully examine what we hear in order to reveal the source.


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