Hmmm… Ornaments of Life

Walking into any store this time of year will have me gravitating to the tree-trimming aisle with intense enthusiasm.  The colorful sparkly baubles have always held an unknown fascination for me. Flitting across my memory banks are recollections of sitting amongst boxes of ornaments on the living room floor. With the revealing of each timeless treasure, flashes of wonder and excitement flickered across my face that eventually burst to joy as an ordinary conifer was transformed into an object of beauty to be enjoyed and admired. Hmmm…as believers in Jesus Christ, we are His special treasures, His jewels (Malachi 3:17) and have trimmings that adorn His message. These ornaments of life are prayer, speech, attitudes, thoughts, and actions, character and integrity.  Do we live in such a way that we embellish or tarnish His significance? (Philippians 1:27) How sparkly are your ornaments of life?


Oh, take this life, this life of mine

(To thee, O God, ’tis freely given),

And polish it, that it may shine,

And ornament thy Word divine.

~ Charles Ebert Orr, How to Live a Holy Life


14 thoughts on “Hmmm… Ornaments of Life

  1. I could so relate to your word picture. I love decorating our home for Christmas. As a former Music Teacher I have many ornaments that bring memories of my students. We do an entire tree of these. We also decorate a tree with the ornaments that my sister-in-law makes each year. It is such a treasure to have the memories of those Christmasses. Thank you for reminding me how much value I have in the Kingdom. Marie


    • Marie, I don’t think I have shared this about ornaments… Each year I design ornaments as gifts for family with the theme based on family memories. No one knows what the theme is until the creation is unveiled. Once unveiled, the fun retelling of memories begins. It is a great way to pass along the family connection to the younger generation and gives me the chance to be with family in spirit if not physically. My nephew has told me half of his first Christmas tree away from home was decorated with the creations of love.:)


  2. Hi isaiah43123 thank you for your encouragement on my Blog I’m sorry you are not receiving my replies to your comments but my Blog has error that WordPress can’t fix so please check back, also I can’t stay subscribed to anyone for long so if you think I’m not there I still am, .I appreciate very much what you have shared,

    I would like to offer you The King of Kings Friendship Award it’s very differant from most especially the one you had a good laugh about on my Blog anyway you can accept as you feel in your heart or not

    Blog post –

    Thank you again for your isharing it’s a blessing – Christian Love Anne.


    • Good morning Anne (or night for you)! Thank you for the encouragement and this beautiful award which I gladly accept. I believe this to be the best as its free, no requirements but acceptance, encourages to pay it forward, and is without expecting anything in return. Beautiful! I will definitely pay it forward if you don’t mind. As for receiving comments… I haven’t noticed a problem. In fact, when checking my stats “Suck it up sunshine, its not about you” chants in my head. This journal may have start for my benefit but God soon gave me the desire to share what I’ve learned about Him through the hmmm moments He gives… blogging is where He led me… and I love it! Thanks again Anne! You are a great source of inspiration and encouragement. Merry Christmas! Karin


      • Thank you isaiah43123 I’m very grateful that you Lovingly accepted my thankfulness in being part of God’s wonderful family, I Love you in The Lord and look forward to sharing in heart to heart fellowship with each other in the Body of Christ, we are one, we are family.

        Christian Love Anne.


      • Amen, Anne! I love that… “we are a family.” Not only is this a great avenue to share what and Who we believe in, it is also a great way to encorage each other to keep on keeping on.
        Merry Christmas! Karin

        P.S. Thank you for deciding to tag along with My Hmmm Collection.


  3. Love this. My husband has started taking my arm to steer me away from the Christmas decorations whenever we shop. 🙂 I love your comparison of the ornaments to our faith and our life lived for Jesus.


  4. Hi isaiah43123, I love Christmas and I love what you have shared, so wonderful to be reminded we are indeed The Lord’s special treasures, His jewels.

    I have just finished posting a Christmas message about the colourful balls of Christmas it’s very short I just wanted to colour our world, the link is below, I look forward to coming back and sharing with you again.

    Blog Post –

    Christian Love Anne


    • Thank you for your being so encouraging! I love your coloured Christmas balls post. .. it reminds me of a children’s Sunday school song that ends with, “don’t be a Christian afraid to tell.”


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