Hmmm… Peanuts and Hope

A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Some of you may be thinking, “This sounds familiar.” Yes, this hmmm is recognizable because I had posted it when blogging on another platform. Whether for my benefit or yours, I feel compelled to repost it here.

Over the last few days I could not help but notice how many Facebook posts are full of expressions of hopelessness.  While reviewing each post, the Christmas classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) by Charles M. Schulz, comes to mind. In this animated TV special, Charlie Brown is disgusted by the commercialism he sees around him and tries to find the true meaning of Christmas. As he and Linus return to the Christmas pageant practice with a puny little tree, a conversation erupts between the other Peanuts characters about Charlie Brown and his choice for a Christmas tree, calling him stupid, always blundering, and “completely hopeless.” They felt it was impossible for Charlie Brown to do anything but goof up. They saw no hope in him or the situation. Hmmm… When we say a situation or a person is hopeless, are we not slamming the door in the face of God, telling Him He is incapable of producing what is hopeless into something(one) of promise? (Luke 18:27)


One thought on “Hmmm… Peanuts and Hope

  1. I agree with you–we should never say someone or some situation is hopeless because that limits God’s power. As the angel Gabriel told Mary, “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)


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