Hmmm… Getting it Together

While catching up on my blog reading, I was struck by this statement written by Julia Attaway at Guideposts, “All of the people who came to see the newborn Christ came in groups.” Hmmm… No one came alone.  No one worshipped alone. A huge angelic singing group proclaimed His birth before the shepherds… together, who left their fields running in search of Him… together. After seeing Him, they could not keep this marvelous event to themselves, but told everyone they met about it… together (Luke 2). A company of scholarly men in search of life’s answers traveled many miles to present Him with precious gifts keeping His exact location from the treacherous King Herod… together.  (Matthew 2). Hmmm… these groups were not only unified in their focus on Him, but they all dropped what was insignificant in comparison… together! Wow! Their unity had a tremendous effect on the people they made contact with.  Hmmm… are we getting it together?


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