Hmmm… The Vanishing Christmas Carolers

The Christmas tree lights are glowing softly. Logs are ablaze in the fireplace. The scent of pine wafts from boughs decorating the mantle. Snow is softly blanketing the landscape in the twilight. Shhh… you can just about hear it. From a distance Oh, Holy Night echoes faintly and slightly off-key from a distance down the road. With brief pauses and increasing volume, the joyful musical sound flows into Joy to the World, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Jingle Bells and other Christmas carols ending with We Wish You a Merry Christmas as it travels along to serenade the neighbors beyond.   Shhh… where has the tradition of Christmas Carolers gone?  It seems to be vanishing.


5 thoughts on “Hmmm… The Vanishing Christmas Carolers

  1. That’s amazing, friend. I was just thinking this the other night, and open your post to read this. Sad, I wish I would have thought to organize something sooner. I think I’m marking this on next years calendar to gather a crew and go caroling. Thanks and God bless.


  2. Hi isaiah43123 so very True where have all the Christmas Carollers gone and the beautiful Hymns, I phoned a Supermarket Chain’s Head Office to find out why they had no Christian Christmas Cards, the Manager said the Stock buyers were not Christians, I told him that some of the goods buyers that pay his wages are, well they got some in but before I could buy any they were all gone and the Secular ones left, I think it shook them up at least I hope so but I know it reassured me that Christians still want to remember what Christmas is really all about.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention again, bless you my dear Sister for your faithfulness.

    Christ – mas Love Anne.


    • Oh, Anne. Thank you for taking a stand for what you believe in (or should I say Who). In a time when Christianity is on the attack, more believers need to follow your example…imagine the impact!
      Merry Christmas!


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