Hmmm… With Us

A repost from Mikey’s Funnies


By Dave Veerman

Months, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds

Years ticking away

Christmas suddenly upon us

“Seems like yesterday!”

Baking, wrapping, entertaining

Parties, pageants, tinsel, lights

Evergreens, tree, ornaments

Pressured days and shortened nights.

Relatives and friends, cards, cookies,

Pressed year-end deadlines, more

Traffic snarls, sales, mall Santas

Frantic rushing store to store.

Immersed in season’s tasks and trappings

Pushing on but losing joy

Good and busy but forgetting

Immanuel was that baby boy.

Help me, Lord, to slow and wonder

At miracle unfolded here

Truthfully, in finite chaos

My Savior, Lord, and God came near

And may I sense the Spirit’s urgings

Through my dwindling life on earth

Living out my faith professions

Sharing hope of Jesus’ birth.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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