Hmmm… Another Blog Award

Candle Lighter Award Nominations

Posted by Jeanne Webster at Women’s Window

[Creation of New Blog Award: The Candle Lighter Award

Posted on December 18, 2011 by Kate Kresse

There are a number of blog/blogger awards. I began to think about my purpose for blogging. I mean the title of my blog reveals a lot about my mission: Believe Anyway. I have blogged before that I chose the title to remind myself to stay optimistic. My purpose is to light a candle in the darkness that envelopes us all at times. I want to lighten loads and light the way. I gravitate towards positive people and positive blogs. I want to start a blog award that reflects my love for the positive in the blogosphere.

To see a list of blogs that has been given The Candle Lighter Award Click on The Candle Lighter Award button on my header.

I call my award The Candle Lighter Award. It is for blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog. What does it mean? Whenever I see a post or blog that I think brings light to the world, I will put a copy of this post and give them The Candle Lighter Award. What does the recipient have to do to accept it? Just accept it and put the Candle Lighter Award badge from my blog onto their blog. Please put the link from this post about my creation of the award in a post on your blog so people can read about it. What else do recipients have to do? Nothing. If they do think someone else is a Candle Lighter, they can surely give them the award anytime they want and as often as they want. [I’d love it if you could send me the links for the blogs you do find worthy of the award, because I’d love to see their blogs, too! But it isn’t required]. There is no limit to how many blogs you award The Candle Lighter Award to and no limit to how many times someone can receive it. But when you do, I ask that you use the link for this post.]

Terri nominated me for this award, which I accept.  Thank you so much, Terri, and I counter your blessing with prayers and gratitude.

Above is Terri’s link of award nomination, my acceptance of it and the assurance that I will pass it on, even though that is not necessary.  For all you bloggers who refuse award nominations because it takes too long to gather names, format post, etc., you don’t have to do that for this award.  Accept it and give thanks for the thought.  LOL!  Then make another image link and post your award on your blog, if you so desire.

I accept this award and nominate the names below for this thoughtful award:

Marie Hollibaugh


Abby Kelly


May the Lord take our blog offerings and use them for His glory.  Amen



Thank you, Jeanne for this nomination and as with other awards, I thank my Creator for working through the ordinariness of my days as He gives me many hmmm moments to teach me more about Him. Without His influence in my life, what you read and see here would not exist.

Echoing Jeanne’s prayer… May the Lord take our blog offerings and use them for His glory.  Amen


8 thoughts on “Hmmm… Another Blog Award

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  2. Well isaiah43123, I messed that up, sorry I only realised later that it was Jeanne’s nominations but I was right that you have a kind heart and that it’s wonderful that we can be blessed by our blogging friends in this way.

    Take Care my friend – Love Annie.


  3. Thank you my friend isaiah43123 and yes I accept this Award as a kindness from your heart.

    I too am trying to put my Awards in order so you will be hearing from me soon, how wonderful that we can be blessed by our blogging friends in this way.

    Christian Love Anne.


    • Don’t thank me Anne, but Jeanne over at Women’s Window; she nominated you and the other bloggers. I guess I should have made my post more clear. Yes, encouragement from others is a blessing. And, you are very worthy of the recognition my friend. Keep the Faith! Karin


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