Hmmm… To Tebow or Not To Tebow

Denver Broncos’ Quarterback Tim Tebow’s practice of pointing to the sky while on bended knee in prayer has caused much controversy in the sports world. Fans call him ‘God’s Quarterback,’ but critics say Jesus does not belong on the field; He should  remain at home. However, God is a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 6:15) He desires involvement in every part of our compartmentalized lives; no area inaccessible to Him. (Psalm 25) He wants us saturated with His very being, allowing His essence to ooze through every word spoken and action taken, leaving no question of Who resides and reigns within. He wants us to Tebow. The choice is ours.


7 thoughts on “Hmmm… To Tebow or Not To Tebow

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  3. GOD is everywhere! And as Christians we should not fear persecution for being so. I love the boldness in your post, and if more “Christians” could get over this fear, more people would be won to our Lord.
    We should not fear kneeling anywhere, anytime, to pray to the creator of EVERYTHING.
    Thank you, and may GOD bless you beyond your wildest dreams.


  4. Hooray for you Karin! Too bad more people don’t think like you. What a different world this would be if we all allowed God a place in every aspect of our life. A good new years resolution would be to Tebow as much as we can this year.,


    • Oh, I don’t know if you want more like me, George; that might cause trouble. 😀 Thanks for the encouraging words. See ya in church tomorrow. Keep the Faith! Karin


  5. Hi isaiah43123, how wonderful when we see Christians stand up for The Lord regardless of the cost and yes very True what you shared, God is a jealous God but how wonderful that He is.

    But isn’t being jealous wrong?” Yes Worldly jealousy is but Godly Jealousy isn’t, in fact it is something very good and indeed wonderful.

    You have motivated me to post about Godly Jealousy isaiah43123 thank you, it will be a bit differant from my stories, I hope it is alright if I include your link as it demonstrates how putting God first needs to be our focus in every part of our lives.

    Christian Love Anne.


    • Thank you Anne. You and other believing bloggers are a great encouragement! My prayer is those who do not yhet believe “find” our blogs and begin to shed the blinders that hinder a relationship with Jesus. And, yes, include a link a your developing post. I am anxious to read your thoughts. Keep the Faith! Karin


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