Hmmm… ABC is Not About Me

If you read any of my earlier posts about awards, you know how I feel about the requirements attached to them. It is not my desire to bring the focus back to myself, but to my Creator, which is the reason for God in the Spotlight in the sidebar. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me this platform and skills to express the many hmmm moments You teach me about Yourself.  More thanks to Drusilla for passing this on to me, but especially for the tweaking of its requirements. Dru, you creatively brought the spotlight back to The One most deserving of any credit.

Like Dru, I will try to describe my Creator using the ABC’s, since it is not about me but all about Him. Hmmm… will I be able to describe Him differently than Dru already has?


     Breaks the chains of sin

     Chases away darkness

     Draws people to Him


     Forever and ever

     Grace giver


     Is a person

     Just wants you to acknowledge Him

     Knows all


     My refuge in times of trouble

     Never turns His back on you

     Offers second chances


     Quick to forgive


     Sees all


     Unconditional love

     Very great reward

     Waits patiently for you

     Xalted (I know, the e is missing)

     Your salvation

     Zeros in on the truth

As for paying forward this award and others like it, I will spend time with my Creator seeking His advice because I want to “give with the right heart attitude, which is to encourage others in the body of Christ as they seek to Glorify God” (Anne at Freedomborn)


9 thoughts on “Hmmm… ABC is Not About Me

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  2. I am currently trying to answer the ABC Award I recently received. Each post I read sends me back to my notebook, scratching out what I wrote. Although all the posts are good–and I’m not supposed to show partiality–I like your list best….Guess I’ll just keep praying till I have it “right”! Thank you so much–have a blessed day.


    • I cannot take credit for the revised list; it goes to Drusilla Mott. I just added an About Blog Awards page listing their creator and rules, if any. Hope it helps.


  3. Very nice, Karin. I am so glad you decided to accept this because I was really curious on what words you could come up with to describe our Lord. Oh, and, I like the X. 🙂


    • Thank you, Phoenix. I am glad my answer, to what I am not sure, touched you however, I don’t know of any Christian blogger here who pretends to have all the answers, only God’s based on scripture from the Holy Bible. Blogging about what we believe and why is really the purpose to many who are believers in Jesus Christ.


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