Hmmm… The Ripple Effect

Picture a pond, its surface as smooth as glass. Suddenly a small pebble cast into the water causes ripples to extend outward.  Paying it forward, passing on a kindness to someone instead of paying it back, is the pond and blog awards are the pebbles. The water’s stillness is time spent with God, asking in what direction to throw the next pebble, while each ripple is encouragement to the blogger to remain strong, courageous, and persistent in the effort to express the truths of God’s Word. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

It may be unusual to pay forward more than one award at a time, but after many conversations with a dear friend and Sister in Christ via e-mail, I am encouraged to toss them into the blogging pond. Holding these pebbles because their requirements unsettle me is not the focus, but God in the spotlight Who gives each blogger his/her skill in expressing Truth. So, I will not be including the original requirements for each award, but instead encourage you to creatively highlight our Savior, just as Drusilla Mott and Spirit Sisters have done with the ABC Award.

Oh, you might want to see what pebble Resting in His Grace threw at himself. 🙂

Now for my tossing…



… are tossed to

If these ripples have already reached your edge of the shoreline, do not let them stop; pick up the pebbles anyway, pay them forward, and watch the ripple effect! Happy tossing!


11 thoughts on “Hmmm… The Ripple Effect

  1. I’m so sorry I’m thanking you so belatedly for these nominations. I particularly like how you emphasized a focus on Christ and not on self. Your blog is an encouragement to us all. Please keep it up. God bless


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  3. Hi isaiah43123 Wow I felt so good after our phone call yesterday, you even laughed at all my jokes, so I have now added you to my Fun award – no rules, amazing but you have just the most wonderful accent, I wish I had one 😀 but seriously I felt very close to you, thank you Karin for touching my heart and uplifting me, I was thanking God for you for the rest of the day and I wrote to your Pastor as well an thanked him, he seems very nice.

    I will accept the A.B.C Award because I know you have offered it to me in Love but I will keep to the rules of the Person who Created it as much as possible as I explained to you , but as you will see, I will give the glory to God as you and Dru have done.

    Rules or no rules these Awards are really all about glorifying God, for one thing they are about appreciating and being thankful for the God given beauty we see in others, even humour and uplifting them in these and even Secular people are made in His image so we can appreciate and be thankful for His qualities we see in them and encourage them in these, we don’t have to take on board their worldly agenda but they are still worthy of being appreciated for their good qualities.

    Christian Love Anne. .


    • I feel the same way Anne. What is this about an accent; its not me but you.:D Thanks again for the fun award. As I posted in a comment on your blog, even Solomon wrote about a joyful heart being good medicine. Yes, these awards are all about God and how he works through us to tell His story of love, giving joy to the giver and receiver.

      Thank you, my dear Sister.
      Keep the Faith!


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