Hmmm… Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

“Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, Everything’s going my way.” No, I do not think everything is going my way today, but as I stepped out on my front porch, this chorus from the musical Oklahoma popped into my brain. A light dusting of white settled overnight, bright sunlight is peeking over the eastern hilltop as robin’s egg blue paints the cloudless sky, birds sing with excitement and abandon while the trees stretch their long naked limbs heavenward. Nature’s choir is singing praises to its Creator and I shall join in; Oh, what a beautiful morning, For this is the day that the Lord has made, And I shall sing of His mercies forever. (Psalm 118:24, Psalm 89:1)


7 thoughts on “Hmmm… Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

  1. Who is Old blue eyes? am I missing something or is it an American expression? if so what does it mean? anyway I agree Karin regardless of the circumstances and even if we have a tear in our eye, we can still have deep inner Joy.

    I’m sure Paul was not rejoicing over being whipped and thrown into prison and I’m sure also the menu for dinner was not Ala- cart, and Paul did indeed let them know later they had done the wrong thing, but he and Silas rejoiced in The Spirit and had assurance all things would work out for good and so can we. I like your Minister Karin, he agrees with what I agree with and you too, I wonder why?

    Christian Love Anne


      • Thank you Karin for joging my memory, I wonder if God was Happy Clappy for Frank promoting his own way instead of His or that He willingly allowed this to happen …does God allow evil the Scriptuers tell us to say so is slander even if it is for good.

        I know what my song will be …. I did it God’s way ..well at least from the time I knew I was set free from the slavery of sin…. I’m aiming for that crown! which God asks us to do with all my heart.

        Thanks again Christian Love Anne.


  2. I truly appreciate your understanding that everything may not be going your way, and that you’re motivated to praise and glorify the Lord anyway. I’m also reminded that since God is in charge, no matter what my current circumstance is, everything is going His way. Knowing that and trusting that is what makes it possible to praise and glorify Him no matter what our circumstances. Thanks for the encouraging post.


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