Hmmm… A Balancing Act

Mountain biking in Arizona desert, USA
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Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving.” As we move through situations and circumstances in our lives, we perform a delicate balancing act of responsibilities and priorities. How well we function, the choices we make, will affect that balance. Some will keep us triumphantly pedaling forward while others cause us to wobble, weave, or even take a nosedive. If we do plunge to the pavement, get up, brush off the failure of our choices, get back on that bike, and start pedaling! A balanced life is a powerful life! (Proverbs 4:25, Proverbs 17:24, John 15:4-5)



6 thoughts on “Hmmm… A Balancing Act

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  2. Thank you Karin, how very important it is to have God’s balance in our lives in all things, like the Mayonnaise Jar and the cups of coffee. I appreciate your focus, it is True that we need to Trust God to keep us from loosing our balance. It is also good aim to win the prize but Albert Einstein with not accepting in life Christianity seems not to have heard of be still and wait on the Lord and yes he may have had much worldly wisdom or intelligence and knowledge but what does it profit if we gain the whole world and loose our own soul.

    Christian Love Anne


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