Hmmm… A Senior Moment


A reporter interviewed a 103-year-old woman.

“And what is the best thing about being 103?” the reporter asked.

She simply replied, “No peer pressure.”


8 thoughts on “Hmmm… A Senior Moment

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  2. Thank you for stopping by! I found your blog through the topics tab on WordPress. Every day after I do my post, I browse the topics and only “like” what I really like. I was happy to find your blog!


  3. Hi Karin, a very positive thought on Old age and so True I loved it but it did make me think about us, since I will get there before you, I have decided to leave my Blog to you in my will, then you will always remember me because everyone will leave comments about how wonderful I am, but please remember God said it first!

    Seriously though, I met 103 year old woman, she had Loved Jesus since she was 3 and her eyes sparkled and everyone hung onto everything she said, including me! and they say the good die young… your as young as you feel, I’m about 108 today that must make me either really bad or really good.

    Many Blessings my friend- Christian Love Anne.


    • Now why would anyone say you are not wonderful?! I’m shocked!
      Anne, you have me thinking how little our elderly are valued for the knowledge and wisdom they possess from years of experience. Many may not have degrees in formal education but graduated from the school of hard knocks. There is much to be learned from our seasoned citizens.
      Keep the Faith, Sister!


      • I’m pleased and touched you appreciate me Karin perhaps you don’t need my Blog to remind you how wonderful I am even in my old age 😀 … but seriously and this may sound strange, I love being the age I am, at 60 even with my physical defects… I have assurance I never use to have, I have inner Joy even when I cry, I know important things that I never had time to learn and I know my friends including you, don’t just Love me for my good looks or wealth, I haven’t got them, well at least not on the outside. I value highly the beauty and wealth God has given me in my heart.

        Very True our elderly need to be Treated with upmost respect and valued highly, now do you think we can get the Truth across to people before we really get there???

        Much Love to you my friend – Anne


      • Your as old as you feel Isaiah4031 and I’m very young but of course I’m potty trained but I still need someone to feed me and refresh me ….. Jesus

        Love you in The Lord Always, even without you leaving your Blog to me in your will 😀

        Young Annie


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