Hmmm… Sorting and Four Sisters

While sorting through an assortment of greeting cards I collected, I stumbled upon these thoughts put to paper in March 2005.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about sisters, inspired by the writings of my 80-year-old father, writings of his memories to his six children. I am the youngest of four girls and two boys. While brothers have their importance in a girl’s life, my attention gravitates to sisters and their influence. I have come to realize a closeness that occurs with each of my sisters during different phases of my life. Debby, the oldest of twins, has been my patient encourager; always ready with a word or gesture to give me the boost I need. Pam, the youngest twin, teaches me to find fun and whimsy in life; ever ready with a smile or laugh, she is a reminder not to take myself too seriously.  The salve for my hurts is Shelley; with a sensitive heart, she quietly listens and offers gentle words of wisdom born from her own experiences with pain.  Four sisters with a bond of closeness that is strengthened or renewed during life experiences. Four sisters who are there for each other offering love and support during each trial and triumph of life. Hebrews 10:24-25


18 thoughts on “Hmmm… Sorting and Four Sisters

  1. I had two brothers and two sisters. My eldest sister was the first to abuse me, quite cruelly physically and mentally. I hardly knew my two brothers growing up and had little, if no, ‘sisterly’ times with my other sister. I left England with my mother, my third ‘father’ and my other sister when I was 11. She was 5 years older than me, so we had very little in common and were never ‘sisters’ although I greatly admired her and wanted to be more like her. In more recent years my sister and I have become sisters and enjoy good times together.

    I met the younger of my two brothers again 33 years after leaving England. I wasn’t keen to meet him, but it was immediately as if we’d been close all our lives. We spent some great holidays together until he and his wife died a few years ago.

    While I didn’t have a happy family growing up, I praise God for the wonderful family I have now – the best husband in the world and five wonderful sons and their families. I couldn’t wish for better.

    I also thank Him for my spiritual family – many brothers and sisters in the Lord who bring great joy and encouragement as we walk the road together.

    What an amazing God!


  2. I only have one sister (and a deceased brother). We have learned to hang on to one another. I love her very much and I appreciate this tribute to your sisters. Angie


  3. Reblogged this on Freedomborn … set free and commented:
    I would like to Spotlight my Sister in the Lord Karin, as she shares about her Birth Sisters, I hope to do this more in the future with my other Spiritual Sisters and Brothers, you are all a Blessing and have uplifted and encouraged me greatly and also Ron . Hmmm as Karin would say is a very gifted writer, unlike me she can say a lot in a few words, but they have a great impact, she is very kind, caring and understanding but does not in anyway water down God’s Truth to gain acceptance, with me being an Aussie I would say she is True Blue and Fair Dinkum .

    Karin has indeed been a blessing to me from God, we have shared so much together in the short time we have known each other and just like a birth Sister she has been there for me, her loyalty is steadfast. We have laughed and rejoiced together and praised God for our Unity in Him and Karin has helped me to carry my Burden with my Hacker problems tears and all, and supported me and has encouraged me not to give up. Just one thing that does need mentioning Karin and others I have been in contact with in America has an awesome Accent, I wish I had one.

    Thanks Sis I Love you in The Lord and in Him our Friendship will last an Eternity.


    • Thank you so much, my dear sister, for the love you share with so many! I must run for a kleenex as I can’t type through the tears. Oh, you do have an accent. Your ears aren’t itchy for it. Love ya too!


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  5. It is awesome not only to be your oldest twin sister but your sister in the Lord. You are a true inspiration for me and for Lou. Your insights and scripture you share in your Hmmm’s are truly inspiring.


  6. Hmmm I just sat down after reading your message I didn’t have a hat on and a nod of the head wasn’t enough, just so wonderful, God has been speaking to me about Sisters who are United or will be United in Christ Jesus, I have now a strong conviction to create an Award or Blessing again after reading what you shared, I also was sent an e-mail with a very simular message about friends.

    Thank you my dear Sister Karin, I think you cover them all but sometimes your are stronger with one strength when needed but it is a shame you didn’t have 5 Sisters one to correct you in Love when you were in error or was that you ? – Love Anne


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