Hmmm… The Power of Worry


8 thoughts on “Hmmm… The Power of Worry

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  2. My sister used to say that I was the “girl with the weight of the world in her hands.” I am saddened to think about how I used to carry so many burdens with me each day, when I could have simply lifted them heavenward. But alas, sometimes it takes us a little while to learn such valuable lessons. -Happily burden free, Nicki 🙂


  3. What a fantastic quote! This is a great reminder not to worry. Corrie ten Boom wrote a book about worry titled, “Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle,” encouraging us to trust God in all circumstances.


  4. Hi Sis, when I first met Ron he said I use to worry if I had nothing to worry about, just as well it is not a sin! but it is a weakness and God is helping me to put it behind me as He moulds and shapes me.

    I use to have a lot of doubts once but I asked God to increase my Faith, I have done the same with my worries, but I’m worried I might mess up worrying… I never doubt God but at times have I doubted that I would be strong enough to Stand firm in Christ Jesus and sadly because of this I have messed up, worry sets the stage for defeat, God knows this and reassures us many times in Scripture that we don’t need to worry, just Trust Him He is faithful but He doesn’t condemn us for it because He knows it is something that as we choose to Trust Him in everything, it will be resolved and removed.

    Love you Karen, thank you for adopting me as a Sister…

    Can I borrow your new handbag 😀 pretty please – Annie


    • Yes, worry does set the stage for defeat because it puts us on a vicious circle to nowhere.

      As for the handbag… only if I get to borrow your new red stilettos.
      Keep the Faith! – not the handbag 😀


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