Hmmm… For Your Own Good

The sun is shining brightly through patches of white clouds against the backdrop of blue on this frigid windy morning. In these conditions, a tired body and mind have no choice but to wake up when out walking with the dog. Our walk takes us along the creek bed, as it often does, where Rain sniffs at every tree, rock, and critter hole with delight.

“Rain, I wish I could let you off your leash so you can roam freely, but you know I can’t.”

He does not seem to mind his freedom within the confines of the leash until the neighbor’s cat scampers by, or his olfactory nerves catch a whiff of something tempting him to leap in the opposite direction.

“Now, do not look at me with those sad orbs of chocolate-brown. You know this is for your own good. I do not want you to get hurt”

Hmmm… sounds a lot like us doesn’t it? We do not mind the freedom we have in Christ until something more enticing catches our attention. He does not remove our leash but gives a gentle tug to remind us it is for our own good, to lead us from what looks to be a sure thing but in reality is hazardous.  However, He does give us the choice to stay within his lead or cut the strap and chase after what will be certain disaster. (Hebrews 2:14-15, 1 Corinthians 10:23, John 15:4-9)


4 thoughts on “Hmmm… For Your Own Good

  1. Hi Sis, this is my 1,252 comment to you, it does seem you have a bit of catching up to do, but seriously thank you for a great message and it is True as you shared God’s discipline is letting us have our own way until like the Prodigal son we come to our senses.

    Condensing as well as detail can be needed when painting a word picture, we see both in the Scriptures, they have a differant purpose but are still an accurate picture when based on God’s Truth but not so if some Truth is deleted or deception added which we find with the Cults.

    Oh by the way another 5 comments of mine and you have my book, would you like me to autograph it for you before I get so famous you have to pay for it. 😀

    Always humble Annie.


    • 1252? Phew… I need to pick up the pace.:) Thanks for the encouraging words. You always have the right words, not just for me but others, too.
      Keep the Faith, my Sister!


    • Thank you so much, Lady Dei! Descriptive writing comes from years of practice as a nurse. During training (many moons ago) it was drilled into us to paint a word picture using as few words as possible. I guess it works.
      Keep the Faith!


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