Hmmm… Dead as a Doornail

Dead as a doornail, an expression heard many times throughout my life to describe something devoid of life or finished with. I understand dead, but what is a doornail and why is it dead? Doornails are the large-headed studs used in earlier times for strength and decoration when making wooden doors. The practice was to hammer the nail through and then bend over the protruding end to secure it. A nail bent in this fashion cannot pull out easily and is useless for future use, or dead. Hmmm… sometimes I feel like a doornail, hammered through difficulties, contorted and worthless, until I remember Who created me, Who died on the cross for me so I can live forever with Him in heaven, Who goes with me wherever I go because He considers me valuable and has the power to make me new and usable for His glory! (Psalm 139, Isaiah 43:1-4, John 3:16-17, 2 Corinthians 5:17)


12 thoughts on “Hmmm… Dead as a Doornail

  1. What a simple but profound analogy Karin! Fantastic mental picture. Sometimes I feel so battered by life’s challenges that I wonder if I have anything left to give but like you said, when I remember that it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in and through me then I draw strength from above to carry on. What a wonderful God we serve.


  2. hi im konica..!! ur blog is very inspirational.. though im a Hindu and i follow Hinduism ur posts teaches a lot of good things its very educational.keep writing more and more!!


  3. What a change in perspective! The world may say that I have failed and is good-for-nothing, but my Lord declares that I am “seated with Him in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 2:6) What more encouragement do I need? Thank you for such a wonderful post!


  4. Hi Sis your anything but dead, don’t feel bad that you couldn’t work out how to fit the giraffe in the fridge, it was a bit of a tight squeeze when I done it and it took twice as long with the elephant.

    Yes what you shared is very true, we are wonderfully restored and created in beauty in Christ Jesus and we shine and you do!

    Christian Love Anne,


    • Now I know I am to respect my elders, but I knew how to fit that scraggly long neck in the frig. What I found most interesting was the dancing crocodile over at your place. Now who can be afraid to go swimming with a fun looking character as him? 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, elder Sis.
      Keep the Faith!


      • Do you also know dear younger Sis why dogs sniff each others tails, Ron does and he is much older then both of us so it must be true.

        One day there was a big Dog convention and before they went in as was the rules they took their tails off and hung them on hooks but a fire started in the hall and they had to make a quick exit , they grabbed the first tail they could see … today they are trying to find their own tail again.

        Wow I’m so pleased Ron helped me to understand this truth, I thought they were being rude or it was just instinct but now I know for sure why they do it 😀

        Got it right now Annie


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