Hmmm… Tees, Crocodiles, and Tastes Like Chicken

There is nothing like enjoying good food and conversation with two favorite people on a sunny March afternoon overlooking the golf course. Our chatter touched on many topics with the most memorable for me beginning something like this…

“My husband is so excited to see the tees ready so early in the year.”

“What would you have done had a crocodile wandered onto that course in Florida to snatch up your golf ball?”

“Can you believe people make a living out of hunting crocodiles in Florida?”

“Do you think crocodile tastes like chicken?”

“Well, they say if you cooked and served rattlesnake to an unwitting person, they would swear they were eating chicken.”

Now, I do not know how true it is about snake tasting like chicken, but my mind slithered from that possible deception to the story in Genesis of Adam and Eve, who were taken in by the master deceiver (John 8:44) dressed in snake skin  and will eventually be sliced, diced and thrown into his own fiery trap. (Revelation 12:9-11, Revelation 20:10)

And, no one will care if he tastes like chicken.


4 thoughts on “Hmmm… Tees, Crocodiles, and Tastes Like Chicken

  1. HMMMMMMMMMM Not sure what he tastes like but I know he is a Chicken and lays many eggs…. in Australia that means makes mistakes and the main one is… he thinks he will or even believes now he has the victory and the sad thing is that some believe it too and spend most of their time playing by his rules and scratching around in the Chook pen instead of soaring.

    Shine your light Sis – Christian Love Anne


    • Yes, his eggs are rotten but as you say some people don’t mind because its their ears being scratched in that Chook pen!
      Keep the Faith, my Sister – but not from others!


  2. Steve said a snake taste more like a bullfrog than a chicken. I ate snake once, but it apparently left no lasting impression for I cannot remember.
    I’m glad the master deceiver will be thrown into the lake of fire soon!
    God Bless You!


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