Hmmm… When He Speaks

Adversity: a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty.

This topic of difficulties, trials, hard times, the pits, hot water, in over your head, storms of life, or whatever term used to describe it, is the topic of many a post this week, including my own and a reblog from Anne, at Freedomborn, and this morning’s sermon. Scripture tells us God speaks through others and His Word. Below are links to several posts appearing the past few days

Richard Rice at Where Living Begins posted about prayer for deliverance.

Lee Goodall at theleegoodall posted about total deliverance and how to handle bad times.

Anne Graham Lotz at AnGeL Ministries wrote of God lifting the pressure

Sebastian at faith1ministries writes of peace in the storm.

I am not sure why this subject is so prevalent, but I do know it is enough to make me pay attention. How about you, He is speaking. Are you listening?


11 thoughts on “Hmmm… When He Speaks

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    • Thank you for the much appreciated pingback. I’m looking forward to the follow-up comments to your Red, White, and Blue post. Very provocative! I enjoyed the mental stimulation and the motivation to dig in to His word for answers. Thanks again.
      Keep the Faith!


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    • Thank you, Anne, for the ping back and the Living Water. Your creative skill with power point amazes me. This is a beautiful reminder of Who we can run to and trust to be there when the going gets tough.
      Keep the Faith, my sister!


  3. It doesn’t happen very often but often enough for me to notice it. When I get together with other pastors are a variety of functions, I’ve noticed that when we talk about what’s been on our minds and/or in our recent messages the subject is a different facet of the same topic. Sure lets me know when God is trying to get a particular message across to His children. Oh, that they would listen! Thanks for being one of the listeners!


    • Thanks for being a great teacher, Pastor, and shame on me if I have not told you before. I credit your teaching for much of my spiritual healing and growth at a time when I needed reminders of God’s love and reassurance of who I am in Him. Thanks again, my frend!
      Keep the Faith!


  4. Hi Sis when you bath your feet in the Life giving Water of Life, He knows the teampture needed and the time for His soothing refreshment, His Love will surround you and protect you so your feet do not become wrinkled and worn weary or downtrodden and as you refresh others he will uplift and empower you to meet every need.

    Love you in The Lord my dear Sister Anne, Ron send his blessings.


  5. Hello Karin! Your post is simple and insightful. Many do not see the similarity in things enough to ask if God may be saying something. Thank you for having “ears to hear.” Also, thank you for the link to my post…I appreciate it.


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