Hmmm… Riddle Me This

Riddle me this – What do adoption, alpha males, assumptions, strong will and veterinarians have in common?

Answer – Just another day with God working through the ordinariness of my day. Well, maybe not so ordinary.

Stay tuned for more…


7 thoughts on “Hmmm… Riddle Me This

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  2. Hi Karin thanks for the riddle ,good one at that , i dont know only quessing ,could be our animal nature and our separation from God.
    Thanks for the thought teaser loved it.


    • That is a good guess, Ron. Not sure if the answering post(s) will be ready for tomorrow. I’m still working through several thoughts, so stay tuned and… Keep the Faith!


  3. Hmmm I think I will leave this one to Ron, after pondering on it for weeks I still don’t have a clue… what you only just posted it, no wonder I haven’t worked it our yet but just as a stab in the dark, has it got something to do with purple or toes 😀

    I have one for you Sis what do we as Spiritual Sisters have in common apart from our Unity in Christ Jesus ???

    Christian Love Annie.


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