Hmmm… You Took My Parking Space

One day, a man went to visit a church; he arrived early, parked his car, and got out. Another car pulled up nearby. The driver got out and said, “I always park there! You took my place!”

The visitor went inside for Sunday school, found an empty seat, and sat down. A young lady from the church approached him and stated, “That’s my seat! You took my place!” The visitor was somewhat distressed by this rude welcome, but said nothing.

After Sunday school, the visitor went into the sanctuary and sat down. Another member walked up to him and said, “That’s where I always sit! You took my place!” The visitor, even more troubled by this treatment, still said nothing.

Later as the congregation was praying for Christ to dwell among them, the visitor stood up, and his appearance began to change. Horrible scars became visible on his hands and on his sandaled feet. Someone from the congregation noticed him and called out, “What happened to you?” The visitor replied, as his hat became a crown of thorns, and a tear fell from his eye, “I took your place…”


10 thoughts on “Hmmm… You Took My Parking Space

  1. Hi Sis, I enjoyed this modern day parable but it is sad like those in the Bible, people only see it as a story. Jesus could have taken the whole world as His own, He was God, The Son and one with The Father but instead He gave it to us so we could reach out to others in His name before He returned, it is not His will that anyone perishes but many will because they are so busy keeping hold of their spot and their seat they don’t Love and give freely and so they die spiritually and all that is left is decaying flesh.

    But there is Hope, if they are a Child of God, He will rescue them as they seek Him with all their heart and being.

    Did you know Sis if you mix red and blue you get Purple…. Hmmm the colour of Royalty, it is of value to always be a step ahead, toes and all! 😀

    Christian Love Anne


  2. Amen friend! He took our place! And that’s one place we don’t want to take back… that we would have a heart as His. “Laying down our lives for one another, rather than being consumed with ‘that’s mine!’ Thanks for sharing and God bless.


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