Hmmm… Riddle Me This – Adoption Day

Well… That is all my son and I could think and say after a most unpleasant trip to the veterinarian a few mornings ago. Instead of me recounting the events, I will let Rain share from his point of view. Okay, Rain, it is all yours.

Oh boy, Master, she is letting me speak. Master, did you hear? I am so excited I cannot stop wiggling! What did you say, Mother of Master? Oh yes, I must bark out the story.

Well, (yep, I say that, too) let me start by telling you about the day I met Master and Mother of Master. It was an ordinary day at the Humane Society, or so I thought. Handler approached my cage carrying my leash, but it was not time for my walk. I remember thinking, am I in trouble. Do I whine or bark too much? In my excitement in getting out for fresh air, do I pull too hard on the leash? Do I not thank you enough with my slobbery licks to your bare feet?  Do I greet familiar humans with too much enthusiasm? Did I chew on something I should not have? Yes, I know I have anxiety issues (Psalm 37:7-8, Philippians 4:6-7) but I just want someone to love.

The click of the leash on my collar echoes in my ears and increased my concern as Handler made her way to the back door leading to the dog run, nearby woods and another mysterious building. The smell of fresh air welcomed my sniffer as we passed through the open door, but there was a new scent mixed in the air. With my nose frantically sniffing (Master says I sound like a snorting pig) the air and ground, I suddenly saw them, a pair of two-legged creatures sitting on the patio steps watching and woofing softly with each other.  Well, I must show them who is top dog here, I thought to myself.  With the fiercest barks I could muster, (I am part Labrador) I leaned in as close as I dared and gave a series of ferocious vocal yowls and powerful sniffs. Well, they continued to sit there woofing and looking seeming unfazed by my show of intimidation when I realized Mother of Master sure did smell good, but Master’s scent, mmm, smelled like home. I wanted a home and he was it! (Ephesians 1:4) With a gentle nudge to his leg and a few more snorts, Master accepted the leash from Handler and tugged in the direction of the nearby woods for a walk.

Well, we have been like peas and carrots ever since. I was born October 23, 2010, but this day, June 16, 2011, is my adoption day; the day, despite my behavior, love was in the air everywhere I sniffed around! (John 3:16, Luke 15:10-32, Romans 5:8,

Did you say something, Mother of Master? Oh, yes this is turning out to be a long tail. Well, humans, you will have to run back to fetch more barkings about alpha males, assumptions, strong will, and veterinarians.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to speak some more!


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