Hmmm… Letting it Go

Castle Durnstein (with YPaul)

One of my all time favorite movies is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, a series I can watch again and again. Never do I come away without noticing something new. Today has me thinking of the fierce defense of strongholds by the race of men against the evil determined to wipe them out. We too have strongholds, those controlling habits we find difficult to let go, easily justify, and fiercely defend. What is your well-fortified thought or behavior pattern? Could it be drugs, alcohol, food obsession, hoarding, compulsive spending, pornography, procrastination, perpetual lying, manipulation, or even time spent using the latest techy gadget. Whatever your stronghold, there is hope in letting it go; the hope provided by Jesus when He said, “It is finished.” With those words, Satan’s grip on humanity was broken, forever! (John 19:30, Hebrews 2:14)


10 thoughts on “Hmmm… Letting it Go

  1. I also love the Lord of the Rings trilogy so your example or analogy is very vivid in my mind. What an excellent post. Very thought provoking. I also learnt from Anne’s comments regarding the difference between habits and strongholds. Thanks for this Karin. Awesome post.


    • Thank you Watchman. Readers’ comments play a major role in the blogging process by continuing to challenge our thoughts in the effort to reveal the Truth.
      Keep the Faith!


  2. A post filled with honesty, truth, of faith and hope. I’m just as guilty. Everyday, I pray to overcome the weakness that haunted me for years. but I hang on to the hope that one day with God’s guidance and spirit, I will be able to overcome them. These words gives me hope today, ” Whatever your stronghold, there is hope in letting it go; the hope provided by Jesus when He said, “It is finished.” Thanks….Have a blessed day.


    • Thank you, island traveler. Yes, there is always hope with our Lord and Savior. May He give you the strength, courage, and willingness to “overcome the weakness” so you can be all He has created you to be.
      Keep the Faith!


  3. Hi Sis, thank you for sharing, I like make believe too especially if it has a real life application but what we need to do is understand the differences between weaknesses, faults, habits, shortcomings and Sin they are not the same although anything can lead to sin, we are not to judge others where they fall short of our agendas.

    A habit is differant from a stronghold it can be broken by implementing change but a stronghold needs heart repentance to have deliverance… as an example Anger is not sin unless it leads to bitterness and resentment even if controlled because it will express itself in other ways. Anger like fear or worry etc are emotions but they can lead to sin, like when I worried so much about money it became my total focus which was idolatry, God let me walk this path but it lead to much suffering, Discipline is painful but it was my choice.

    We are to correct , rebuke and warn others who continue to sin, which means we are to judge they are sinning but not according to what we believe sin is but what God does, and it is always to be with Love and for Love even if at times this is strongly applied, such as we are not to fellowship with those in the Church who continue to sin without repentance, God doesn’t but we are to continue to Love them as He does and pray for them, the only exception is in marriage unless there is violence or the other partner chooses to leave.

    Christian Love Anne.


    • Thanks for the additional thoughts, Anne. My desire in writing is to challenge thoughts, mine as well as others, and readers’ comments are a big part of this process. Keep the Faith, sister… and commenting!


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