Hmmm…Frolicking and Vigilant

Every Spring morning before planting season, a pair of Canadian Geese drop in at the neighbor’s field for breakfast, and this morning is no different. On this crisp overcast morning, you can hear these waterfowl mates softly cackle and honk to each other while leisurely munching the lush green vegetation. As we stroll along the driveway, Rain does not notice them. As usual, he is too busy snorting his way through tantalizing scents wafting from the hedgerow separating us from the webbed-footed creatures. However, Poppa Goose notices Rain. With a few a-hinks and a-honks sounding like barks, he begins to waddle a path between Momma Goose and us. A-hink! What are you thinking Poppa? A-honk! Are you envious of Rain happily frolicking through the brush with Mother of Master, much like Martha’s feelings toward Mary? (Luke 10:38-42) A-hink! Or, are you reminding yourself to remain alert to the dangers around your lifetime mate lest you fall into a trap? (Ephesians 5:15, 1 Peter 5:8-9) Hmmm… can you enjoy frolicking with the one you love yet at the same time remain vigilant?

Hmmm… Humans, what do you think?


12 thoughts on “Hmmm…Frolicking and Vigilant

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  2. We will frolic in our vigilance….it’s in the frolicking that we give the enemy notice that we are saved and protected by God’s grace…but we will never take that protection for granted – and so, we remain vigilant!


  3. We certainly need to remain alert, because there is a roaring lion prowling about, but that lion is defeated before he starts to pounce. We have been given abundant life, and nothing will stop me from rejoicing in it while remaining alert.


  4. I just flap my wings and get outa there and take my halo with me and the bunny of course!

    Seriously, I like Lady Deidre’s focus, let’s see what Ron thinks.

    Christian Love Anne


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