Hmmm… Worth Dying For

A local law firm’s commercial advertisement opens with the musical rendition of Hail to the Chief, the official Presidential Anthem of the United States, which immediately grabs your attention. Once realizing this is not another Presidential Press Conference, you stay gripped  to the TV as the faces of long years past Presidential nominees, those who did not win with names you do not recognize, flash across screen. As the images flicker, the voice-over tells you, “You are not somebody unless you win.” This law firm’s advertizing agency knew what they were doing, however they are wrong in their statement about being somebody. No matter your social position, financial status or career choice, you were created by One who considers you valuable and easy to love, a somebody worth dying for. (Psalm 139, John 3:16, Luke 12:6-7)


7 thoughts on “Hmmm… Worth Dying For

  1. I am a nobody – but I am a child of God, adopted by Him into His own family. I am His treasured child. He gave His all for me. He is with me 24/7 and continues to guide and teach me, love and correct me, challenge and enable me, encourage and motivate me, strengthen and use me . . . He gives me His full and undivided attention.

    I am not just a somebody . . . I am HIS! and that is everything!

    What an amazing God!


  2. Hi Karin, I didn’t know you had posted again, it seems I missed it in March, I’m very sorry I did, I was not well for some time and only did the basics but still I really don’t know how I missed this post as I checked a few times, I have missed you Sis and did try to get in contact, I hope your Dad is better.

    Good message worldly titles are just that and have no significance in Eternity but when we are in Christ Jesus we are in the Family of God, we are a Holy Nation , a Royal Priesthood and….

    Romans 8:17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified together.

    Are we willing to suffer for Jesus or is it all about us being Happy Clappy… When we are a Redeemed Child of God Satan will try every trick in the book to stop us walking in Victory, even seeking to separate us from the rest of God’s family, when we are isolated we are more valuable, are we willing to Die for Jesus, we may have to face this one day or our Children will.

    Take Care my dear friend – Christian Love Anne.


    • Thank you, my sister! Yes, Dad is feeling much better. The stress of life seems to be the name of the game lately. Am thankful for the support of loving family and friends and His presence with me always.
      Keep the Faith!


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