Hmmm…I’m Baaack and Plugged In

Well, I’m back after an unplanned absence from the blogging circuit. The preparation for the Easter holiday followed by my father feeling under the weather and health issues of my own brought on by the ever increasing stress of my work environment required my attention, taking me away from my normal routine. While recently listening to a Christian radio broadcast, my mind wandered to the upcoming Women of Faith conference I will be attending with some of my God Chicks, anticipating refreshment and recharge when the voice of Joni Eareckson Tada broke into my conscience. She spoke about plugging into a power source, how we are not ipads, or iphones needing an occasional battery recharge but spiritual beings dependent on a full connection at all times to The Power Source to be productive. (John 15:1-6) That is when I realized the stresses of the past few weeks were more than they needed to be because I was not fully plugged in. And you, are you plugged in to The Power Source?


6 thoughts on “Hmmm…I’m Baaack and Plugged In

  1. Hi Karin, sorry I missed this post too but Sooooooooooo glad your back Sis, I have really missed you too, as I’m sure others have. I did phone and e-mail but it seems we did not connect.

    We look forward as you share from your heart again and we remenber, friendship in the Lord is more then just empty words, it’s a life long commitment through the good and bad and it’s based on honesty and openess, no masks and we not only laugh together but we cry as well.

    Good to have you back Sis, now can I borrow your new lipstick, you know the purple one that matches your toes.

    Christian Love Anne


  2. Welcome back, good friend! Blessings in the name of Jesus… in whose rest you abide, and are seated in Him with the Father (Eph 2:6)! Your work is a great encouragement and we are thankful for it. I’ve missed hearing… “Keep the Faith!”


  3. Glad you’re back. Remember, even though the events of the past weeks have been difficult He promised to be with us always through thick and thin. He was in there with you, went through it with you, and came out the other side with you. He is faithful.


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