Hmmm… Stressed = Desserts

Used by permission

“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, which is not a good thing for a stress-eater like me. Oh, another hmmm just popped in; it’s time to chew on it for a bit.”

That reply to mtsweat caused my pondering, why eat stress? Why consume that which has a detrimental effect on my health? Stress-eaters munch, chomp, and gobble even when not hungry, craving food when stress is unrelenting. The bodily and mental tension caused by the daily challenges of life affect us all by disturbing our equilibrium leaving us anxious, depressed, fearful, exhausted, and overweight. Yes, you read correctly, overweight; not from devouring everything in the pantry, but from the release of the hormone cortisol. When under intense pressure, cortisol gives us the energy to handle the nerve-racking situation. However, it also raises blood sugar levels causing the release of insulin, which can cause us to store more fat. So, instead of running for that dessert, or for this muncher the crunchy carbs, why not choose to grab a plateful of His Word; leisurely chewing and swallowing His goodness for its nourishing benefits.


8 thoughts on “Hmmm… Stressed = Desserts

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  2. Good message and True, an excess of food, lack of exercise all contribute to weight gain and as you shared with depression and anxiety food is an excellent tranquiliser and calms us especially when fat laden as it coats the tummy and neutralises acids and eases nervous tension but it’s short term so more food is needed and this can become either an addiction or a bad habit .

    As you also shared God is our comforter and if we are distressed about something we take it to Him and don’t let it consume us….good advice Sis

    Christian Love Anne


  3. How neat would it be if we didn’t strawberry shortcake over our supervisor’s approval, or pecan pie about our children? A good word for us today friend. God bless.


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