Hmmm… A Great Retirement Plan

(Image courtesy NASA)

Thank you Freedomborn for the quote which holds so much promise.


13 thoughts on “Hmmm… A Great Retirement Plan

  1. I just realized you work in the healthcare biz…me too! If you gave me your email, I’d send you a link to another book I wrote under a different name that’s in the healthcare industry. Can’t publicly give my real name. Let me know!


  2. Seeds of Truth for Heaven’s Harvest… what a great heart whispering Sis, thank you for the pingback, I too appreciate greatly the awesome retirement plan that God has for us. I think you will find that others over the years have used this quote to express the Hope that is based on a solid certainty in the promises of God.

    While ministering to Atheists who are in daekness, one was saying how beautiful outer Space was with all the differant colours, and claiming how amazing Evolution was. Did you know although light from the sun appears colourless or “white” it actually contains a range of colours similar to a rainbow, which is around the Throne in Heaven and Jesus Revelation 4:3 Ezekiel 1:28. Just doing a study on Light shows that it could not of happened by chance or from a big bang…God said let their be Light and there was. I did a Power Point on outer Space the Link is below … God tells us man will be without excuse because He is seen in His creation. Romans 1:19-21

    Blog Post –

    Thanks Sis, so good to have you sharing with us again, some of my deep pondering of God’s Truths comes from reading your Posts, by the way don’t forget to put your sunnies on God’s Light is awesome in it’s dimension 😎

    Christian Love Anne


    • I have you to thank for questioning me about my soap box which lead me to thinking about this blog’s purpose for me and others. So a change in subtitle was in order.
      Thanks again, sister. Keep the Faith!


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