Hmmm… Still Pondering

A couple of days have passed since my last post, one that I’m still pondering; well not the post itself, but readers’ comments.

God’s word says that without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. Maybe whoever said this to you need to think more deeply about things that are said, read, and written. Maybe their mind is conditioned more on the worldly things, and not on the things of God.  ~ Lyn

The response you got may also be an “invitation to treat”. The person may want to understand it more. So maybe you can do a post on “keep the faith?” It will enrich all of us. ~ Tolu

These excerpts whirl through my thought process pulling information from my knowledge base and never before considered ideas or opinions while seeking truth from God’s word, all challenging my thinking about my signature tagline, “Keep the Faith!” I know in time the flurry of pondering and seeking will bring me to the right conclusion, one I will share with you. So, in the meantime…

Keep the Faith!


3 thoughts on “Hmmm… Still Pondering

  1. I am very obviously behind on my reading (as evidenced by the date on your post). I look forward to hearing where this lands, good friend. It is encouraging to see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ looking for a substantive relationship with Christ… not the milk-soppy ankle deep stuff we seem to have decided is acceptable.

    Keep the Faith! Hmmm… now look what you’ve got me doing. 🙂


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