Hmmm.. The Ebb and Flow


4 thoughts on “Hmmm.. The Ebb and Flow

  1. Hi Karin, the Ocean has brought both joy and horror to me, with swimming into a Blue bottle school and also thorn seaweed and then another time almost drowning but even so it still captures my heart every time I see it’s beauty, hear the waves slashing, feel the softness of the sand and the coolness of the water lapping against my feet and yes it brings thoughts of our Awesome Creator God and thankfulness to Him.

    You may remember my Power point and I wrote a Poem about the Ocean, I will leave the link for the Poem, I think you have seen the Power point, which reminds me I’m still creating yours, I have not felt rested which I need to be to create, this is because of all our problems with the Blog, which are still not resolved.

    Blog Post –

    Take care Sis – Christian Love Anne

    Walk in Love.


      • Hi Karin , thank you for your concern but I’m not sick just upset which I’m sure anyone would be.

        Actually I had some wonderful news about my health last week, I had been told for years I would be a Paraplegic by the time I was 60, a few weeks ago I was in extreme pain and couldn’t walk properly the Doctor said there was not much they could do for me and just game me pain killers and ordered a Lumber x-ray but my friend Peter and Dolly prayed for me after I used God’s balm and the pain disappeared over night but what is wonderful the results of the x-ray showed I no longer have Psoriatic Arthritis in the spine which the Doctor can’t explain, so the great news is I will not be Paraplegic now…. How good is that!

        Christian Love Anne


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