Hmmm… Too Small?


4 thoughts on “Hmmm… Too Small?

  1. Good Morning, Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit, & all who will visit & Hmmm … when i read this Hmmm… i thought how connected it was to my “pondering” since hearing the news of the horror in Colorado … Lord, let me be useful, guard my thoughts & action away from the media, away from the “Why?” keep me in “What do you want me to do with this?” Help me to remember 9/11 & walk renewal & my absolute Trust & Truth in Faith, knowing that You are in Control … give me clarity in what i can do to help; increase my territory to be Your heart, hands, feet, ears & mouth this day … i am small but You, oh, You my Lord are I AM ! Beloved Papa, i am able because You will not fail to send the Holy Spirit with comfort & clarity … i pray for all our nation to hear “Let not your hearts be troubled …” & the Why? rebuked to What? … praying for my brothers & sisters in Christ in Jesus. Amen. I love you, Papa!!!


    • You brought up a very good point about our (believers) reaction in the face of tragedy; it is either spiritual food or poison for those around us.
      Keep the Faith!


  2. Yes right on Karin, the same as a fly but the pestilence God talks about are much more annoying, lets be perfected vessels not wasted ones 2 Timothy 2:19-21



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