A Motto or Acknowledgement?

“In God We Trust” was first used on the two-cent coin in 1864 and adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956. In recent years, these words have caused much controversy. What is so distressing about “In God We Trust” stamped on our currency or saying, “so help me God” when sworn in during court proceedings? By merely uttering His name are we acknowledging a sovereign Person responsible for our existence who is holy, powerful, unchanging, righteous, possessing all knowledge and wisdom, faithful and the source of all we possess? (Isaiah45:18, Romans 1:19-20)


One thought on “A Motto or Acknowledgement?

  1. In God we Trust, a great assurance, God is Love and His Love, we can Trust, mans Love can be changeable but as you shared Sis, God is unchangeable and so we can Trust Him and we can offer our Trust to others knowing even if they hurt us God works all things out for good.

    Christian Love Anne.


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