Hmmm… An Introduction

I am at a loss for words on introducing you to this new blog except to say, I believe God anoints it with His blessing for His glory. Why? Because it covers a topic we rarely read about and often do not consider one worthy of our grief, but is worthy of His.

Perfect Joy Ministries, Inc.

Welcome to Perfect Joy Ministries’ Online!  Our desire is to be a place for healing and growth for those dealing with the sorrow, guilt, pain, heartache, anger, fear, and countless other emotions following infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and other early infant loss.  We want to bring tangibility and legitimacy to your grief, and also show you how you can find peace and hope through these seemly tragic circumstances.  We pray that you will find everlasting joy, as we seek to share the absolute truth found in God’s Word.

Our goal is to have weekly topical devotionals, as well as other helpful advice and relevant stories, testimonies, and quotes to encourage you throughout the week.  We look forward to starting the Bible study soon.  If you are interested in the Bible study and you haven’t already, please, send us your email address.  This will allow us to send you information for the…

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