Hmmm… Liberty, the Pilgrims, our Founding Fathers, and False Teaching

We all know and recognize the Statue of Liberty, but do you recognize this monument?

This is the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, also referred to as the Matrix of Liberty in the movie Monumental In Search of America’s National Treasure. I thought I was taught the truth about Liberty, the Pilgrims, and our Founding Fathers until I watched this movie by Kirk Cameron. If you haven’t watched this movie already, I encourage you to do so. I’m sure your eyes will be opened to the truth like mine were. We must watch out for false teaching, even when it’s about national history!


13 thoughts on “Hmmm… Liberty, the Pilgrims, our Founding Fathers, and False Teaching

  1. I am encouraged that in this time of discord we have a rush of truth, true history being a wonderful part of the knowledge. God’s Word told us to “study to show yourself approved, a true disciple of Christ. He is never late with the info we need for the times we are living in. Nancy


  2. Hi Karin this Comment is a bit late I was comming back after watching the clip at the time but didn’t make it.

    God warns us about fables and old wives tales, when they have no Truth and also those who teach error but how do we know they do, God gives us His desernment when we ask for His wisdom then we can test the Spirit of those who seek to teach us or deceive. .

    Christian Love – from both of us Anne


    • Hey Karin, you’re right. And you might really be interested to read two books my mom recently told me about that will blow your mind, and have similar topics: The Nephilim Agenda, and the Nephilim Resurgence, by Randy DeMain. Very informative books. God bless you and thanks for the info! Love Kirk Cameron and his devotion to our Lord.


      • Thanks Lyn, for the trailer and the book(s) mention… Will check into them. Finished reading The Harbinger several weeks ago… Whoa! Still shaking my head over that one and still do when I hear news clips of politians stating how “great and powerful the US is.”
        Keep the Faith!


  3. My web filter blocks the movie (and all other media sharing) so I’m curious. What false teaching are you referring to? In the movie or by the Puritans? (My husband’s ancestors.) They did have a major misunderstanding that led them to a real quandary in time.


    • Thanks for the question Christine. The false teaching I refer to is the school dstricts and colleges refusing to acknowledge and teach the foundation used to build a strong and responsible people, God’s Word.
      Keep the Faith!


  4. I agree too, didn’t know anything about this statue or about the true history of the puritans/pilgrims as well about the found fathers of our country until the Monumental film was shown at our church in Carson City on Sunday evening. May American Bless God.


  5. Hmmm…I find this very interesting. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself being prompted to revisit the widely accepted teachings about the foundations and founding fathers of my nation, Nigeria. What’s more interesting is the fact that I was prompted to do so by a sermon I listened to about the foundation of the United States. We need to be diligent in our research or risk swallowing lies that render us ineffective in praying for our nations. Thanks Karin


  6. I have been coming across A LOT of false teaching on wordpress….people claiming ungodly things aren’t ungodly and referring to God as something in ALL of us…it’s so pathetic. Thank you for the post! Much needed! God bless you!


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