Hmmm… The Master Painter

The familiar boisterous song of geese flying south, a-hink a-honk; the oak, ash, maple, birch, and evergreen stretch their seasonal brilliance heavenward; the fluffy soft white masses dance across the vividly blue sky as the aroma of earthy crispness wafts across the nostrils; all giving thanks to their Creator for being the Master Painter. (Psalm 96)


4 thoughts on “Hmmm… The Master Painter

  1. Hi Karin, beautiful words on Autumn and yes they do indeed describe the Awesome Painter’s Creation.

    In Toowoomba, Queensland in Australia it’s called ,’The Garden City’ and is highlighted each year during the Australian Carnival of Flowers festival held in September, it is so beautiful even just the photos of it. Yes God’s Creation is awesome as He is Awesome!.

    Christian Love – Anne


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