Hmmm… If It Looks Like a Meatball…


1: One who commits apostasy; a renegade, defector, deserter, recreant


1: renunciation of a religious faith

2: abandonment of a previous loyalty


In an email this past week, one of my monkeys was teasing when she said we are apostates. We know we are not traitors of our faith but followers of our Savior who is leading us in a better life in Him, but she did give me much to hmmm about in using that word and reminded me of a story.

My daughter tells of when she and her fiancé had dinner at a local Chinese buffet. RJ spotted a delicious looking meatball when after biting into it, immediately spat it out because it tasted of seafood, which he hates. The cook knew what he was serving, an assortment of ingredients rolled and presented in a tantalizing display to appear as a traditional meatball. If it looks like a meatball, smells like a meatball, then it must be a meatball. Right? No, RJ knew at once that it was a fake because he is well familiar with the flavor of the real thing and exposed it as such.

How often do we see others falling for the looks like the gospel, smells like the gospel, then it must be the gospel teaching? We often believe our responsibility is to share with others Jesus’ story and His influence in our lives and yes that is true. But, after much hmmming, I realize there is more. We also need to point out the counterfeits to those falling for them, just as RJ did the bogus meatball. And, like RJ, we need to forever study, study, study The Real Thing in order to know what is a lie. (1 Timothy 4:1-2, Romans 10:13-17, 1 Timothy 1:19)


5 thoughts on “Hmmm… If It Looks Like a Meatball…

  1. Preach is sister! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your heart and telling it like it is. And for stopping by recently to say hi. Glad to see you are still inspiring all with your Hmmmm moments!


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