Hmmm… Sleep Tight

How well do you sleep at night?

That question is a norm in my life these days with its unusual stresses attacking from every side like hungry parasites. Yet, I find myself not thinking so much about the stress but about how to respond to it.

Am I giving 100% of my best with the resources I have at hand? Am I doing what is right or what makes others and me comfortable?

If I can answer “yes” to these questions each night, then I can expect the quality of my sleep to be peaceful which will influence my response to the next day’s pressures. On the other hand, if my answer is anything but positive, will my forty winks be any less rejuvenating? Will the frenzied feeding on my psyche increase in irritation? Not necessarily, as the next day holds a new opportunity to fight more effectively than the day before. (Psalm 3, Philippians 4:13)

So, in the words of a former client, “May you sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. And, if they do, bite their heads off!”


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