Water Your Grass

A conversation with several coworkers reminded me of this quote…

The grass is always greener over the septic tank. ~ Erma Bombeck

Then some time later, I read this on Facebook…

The grass is greener where you water it. ~ Neil Barringham

I do not wonder where your green grass is because that is obvious. It is where you are in your home, workplace, neighborhood, and relationships. The question running through my mind is, what do you (I include myself here) water your grass with?  Do you use downpours of sarcasm, negativity, discouragement, and even hate? Or do you spray refreshing showers of respect, enthusiasm, hopefulness, compassion, and love? (Proverbs 15:4)


2 thoughts on “Water Your Grass

  1. I, too struggle with a bit of judgement and snarkiness but am grateful He loves me anyway and is willing to use the ordinary to teach me about myself and Him.

    I miss being here with the blogging family. Health issues amongst the family keep me from blogging as much as I would like but not from hmmming. Thankfull, He never stops speaking.

    Keep the Faith!


  2. Karin, this comes at a perfect time for me. My son is right now in Turkey, visiting with a young woman that he met online and fell in love with. She has been here visiting and now he is there. They have been sharing their days through Facebook (which is one of those good uses for Facebook that I mentioned in my post) as she has taken him to ancient sites including Laodicea and Phrygia. Apparently, someone posted a comment on his wall that was condemning and judgmental to the area of Turkey that she lives in and they both took it very hard, she was deeply hurt by the lack of compassion and caring in this other person. I had to admit to a little bit of judgement myself on occasion, a little bit of snarkiness, but also admitted that God takes me to task for the unlovable responses and shows me where I need to change. There were many outraged comments to their unwanted commenter, but we really all need to be honest with ourselves about our own responses and attitudes. I am the first to admit to the occasional lapse in this area and pray the Lord will teach me to be more loving and understanding. Thanks again. I have missed you.


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