The Loss of Good Ol’ Bessie

Do you know what the first sign of Spring is? No, it is not the glistening wet roadways, nor the presence of daylight at 5pm. No, it is not the melting of snow and waterways, nor the warmth of sunshine or the delightful sound of chirping birds. It is the sudden appearance of monstrous potholes eating at the roadways overnight. Today I saw one big enough to throw a cow into. Well, almost.

I wrote that Facebook post several days ago after a daily commute to/from work left me feeling abused by the washboard type ride. We all know it takes just a little water to trickle its way through cracks in the pavement caused by wear and tear of traffic. All that water needs is freezing temperatures with the continuing weight of traffic, and POP, you have a vertical shaft big enough to drive your car into, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages.

But, I’ve been thinking, these destructive blisters in the surface of our roadways are not the only potholes we deal with. Some of us have hungry gorges eating our souls, chasms of pessimism, resentment, cynicism, and hate. All they need is one misdirected thought or word to encourage the erosion of relationships, the loss of good ol’ Bessie.  ( Mark 7:20-22, James 3:2-6)


3 thoughts on “The Loss of Good Ol’ Bessie

  1. They were saying on the news this morning that the roads are worse this year because it has been so cold. It is like going through a maze on the road as you try to maneuver through all the holes.

    You made me think about all those other chasms, prompting a self-examination of my heart to be sure all those things were missing. Thank you. 🙂


    • Dru, I never cease to be amazed at what God uses to prompt my thoughts about what needs attention in my own life. This time it is potholes. A work in progress I am and can’t wait for the day when He says the work is done.
      Keep the Faith!


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