Hmmm… Aha Moments

At times, common sense is intensely thought provoking. It can leave you feeling smacked by a 2×4 between the eyes.

I am experiencing many of those aha moments while reading Becky Halstead’s book, 24/7: The First Person You Must Lead Is You. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised I am not suffering from cranial hemorrhage after these frequent blows. 🙂

This is a book filled with sound advice and encouragement for those desiring to be at their personal best in their sphere of influence. Why not check it out for yourself? It is available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Come on, don’t be afraid of a few strikes on the forehead. Surf on over to Amazon or Becky’s website, I guarantee the ride is worth it!



One thought on “Hmmm… Aha Moments

  1. The sound advise Becky gives in her book, 24/7, will help anyone both personally and professionally. Frankly, I wish I had access to her advise while I was still working. Knowing Becky, she is an extremely humble person with a heart for people. Her desire is to help others through her own experiences. My husband has received many positive comments from people he has given 24/7 to (family members, Pastors, and a retirement facility administrator). We enthusiastically agree – enjoy 24/7.


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