Hmmm… Growth without Disruptive Moments?

I heard it said, the times when plants grow the most is not necessarily during the warm gentle rains or beautiful summer days; in fact, when the fierce winds blow and the raging storms come is when plants grow the most. While pondering this statement, the patch of Black-eyed Susans in my front yard catches my eye. Just a few weeks ago, these perennial beauties of the Rudbeckia family suffered a deluge of six inches in two hours. Yet, they stand tall with their vibrant sunny faces and leafy green arms raised to the sky displaying their strength and perseverance. Hmmm… can we have growth in our lives without the disruptive moments? (Hebrews 12:10-13)


2 thoughts on “Hmmm… Growth without Disruptive Moments?

  1. Just as the reed which does not bend in the wind will break, so the plant which never needs to tunnel its roots deeper in the ground is easily destroyed in both the winter and in the summer. Lord, thank you for the storms of life which draw us deeper into you and strengthen us to withstand in the days of trouble. (Mark 4:16-17)


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