Hmmm… Tangible Reminders

With the popularity of social media and the lack of teaching the social graces, sending greeting cards through the postal service may become a lost art. Do not jump to any conclusions. I appreciate greetings sent electronically just as much. However, there is a different aspect to receiving a folded sheet of card stock with a pretty graphic and printed sentiment. It is a physical expression of one’s love and care.  So, today, this first birthday without a card from Mom and Dad, I will reminisce over my collection of cards received over the years and frequently read Isaiah 43:1-3; tangible reminders I am valuable and not forgotten.


5 thoughts on “Hmmm… Tangible Reminders

  1. I have kept cards and notes over the years that were special for me, including some very special ones from Mom and Dad that I will always cherish.

    Love from your sister, Debby.

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  2. I agree with you. There is something almost timeless about a piece of paper. Electronic mail is fast and cheap to produce and send, but it doesn’t have the feel of something which lasts.


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